March 28, 2006

Embroidered Children's Drawings

This is an embroidery of one of my son's drawings when he was about five, I think. He chose the colors and I did the embroidery. I love his big smile and nose, his dancing feet and wing-like arms. I want to incorporate it into something but I haven't decided what yet, maybe a pillow. If you don't want to bother transfering one of your child's drawings to fabric then just give him/her a temporary transfer marker to draw directly onto the fabric that you'll be embroidering. The tighter the weave on the fabric then the smoother the line will be. You can get marking pens that disappear over time or with a dab of water so it's easy to correct mistakes. We did this for Halloween one time, you can see the result here.

March 23, 2006

Spring Chicks

chick with blue boater hat
I'm making some little chicks with fancy Easter hats to be included in the shop update. Here's some of the ones that I've already made.

Including their hats and feet, they're about 6" tall and their hats are removable. I'm hoping (crossing my fingers) to have these, the bunnies, and some pincushions in the shop in the next 10 days.

March 22, 2006


I love painting and decoupage but I don't really do it that much. It is probably because I don't have it all out the way I do my sewing stuff so I have to pull everything from the cupboards and set up a work space. Crafting is so much simpler when your supplies are accessible and it makes you more productive too. Anyway, I made some of these little magnets last week. I painted wood shapes with acrylic paint and then decoupaged a cut-out from an old kids magazine on top after the paint had dried. They're bright and cheery and I really like the artwork too.

March 16, 2006

Bunny Bums and Bellies

Here's a preview of one of the projects I have going - bunnies for Easter! Easter for us is more of a celebration of springtime and the turning of the seasons. It's just about my favorite holiday; I love the colors and flowers and baby animals coming out of a long winter. I'm working on some chicks too but I haven't taken a picture yet; I'll get them all in the shop as soon as I can.

I love their little pompom tails! I have several pompom making things but I always end up using my fingers. If you'd like to see a tutorial on how to make them let me know - I'm kind of assuming everyone knows how to make them but maybe not and fingers are awfully convenient ;)

A close-up of the brown bunny's belly.

February 15, 2006

The Little House

This is my latest creation, a little house for someone special. These are so much fun to do and I have a lot of ideas for making some more so you'll be seeing them in the shop soon.

It's about 4" high and made from wool felt. It can be a pincushion or just something cute to sit on your shelf :) The little shutters really work!

The garden flowers are inspired from my own garden, what little memory I have of it (sigh).

These little french-knotted flowers are copies of my hollyhocks, a favorite of mine.

January 31, 2006

You say shrunk, I say felted


Look at all these beautiful sweaters I got thrifting the other day! They are all wool and cashmere or blends of the two. Most of them have already been "felted" by accident which kind of brought a smile to my face knowing how many people this has happened to. The first time I ever "felted" a sweater was when I was in high school. I had one of my boyfriend's sweaters, a beautiful oatmeal colored v-neck cashmere that I just loved and I oh so ignorantly decided to run it through the wash. When I pulled it out of the dryer I'm sure my eyes were bugged out like a cartoon character - I truly couldn't believe what I saw! An infant sized version of that beautiful sweater that was mine but one hour ago. Even then I thought, well, maybe I can stretch it back out; uh, right, I couldn't even get my arm through the sleeve much less give it a good tug. Now I see all these beauties as victims of a fortuitous accident and dream of the crafty goodness that they will become.

January 16, 2006

Japanese Craft Books #28,#29 and #30

I'm finally putting up pictures of my most recent purchase of Japanese craft books. I have 3 or 4 more that I'll post in the next couple of days and then they will all be added to my Japanese Craft Book library at Flickr.

#28 isbn 4-529-04180-8

#28 excerpt
I've already shared some images from this book here. I love the embroidery in this picture; this book is one of my favorites, lots of good stuff.

#29 isbn 4-277-49040-9

#29 excerpt
This is a small book with pictures and instructions for simple quilted accessories.


#30 excerpt

It looks like the linen fabric in this picture is stamped with a tree stamp which was really exciting to think about. I was able to find an ink pad by VersaCraft (which used to be known as Fabrico) that can be used on fabric and then heat set. I've only been able to find the black ink and used it to make a few labels but more experimenting is in the future. Do a search for VersaCraft ink pads and you'll find lots of online resources.

January 11, 2006

Owl Stuffies


I made these before Christmas and then
they got pushed aside for holiday preparations. I've tweeked around with the lighting and color to counteract the lack of natural light and I'm still not very happy with the picture; let me just say, they are much cuter in person. Their bottoms are weighted with beans so they stand up fine on their own.

My inspiration was this little wooden owl that I borrowed from my nephew.Woodowlblock

December 23, 2005

Stuffed Christmas Trees

Inspired by Stephanie's brilliant idea, I made some stuffed trees of my own and added some beans in the bottom for extra weight. I usually can't put anything on this high shelf because the cats like to hang out there so these trees are the perfect unbreakable decoration.

December 19, 2005

Last Minute Gift Idea


I saw this in one of my new Japanese craft books and thought it was a great idea, especially for a last minute gift. It's one of those travel tea/coffee mugs where you can customize the insert - like putting a picture in a frame. I've seen them at Starbucks but I'm sure they are available other places too. I love the idea of putting a stitched piece inside but any vintage textile would look really great. Click on the pictures for a larger view.


This is the book where I saw the idea. (ISBN#4-529-04180-8) I got several new books that I'll post after Christmas but this is one of my favorites - lots of good stuff :)


December 14, 2005

This Is Not a Pincushion!


Just so no one's confused, this is a winter holiday decoration not a pincushion ;) The little snowman is made from some felted beads that I made awhile ago. I've stocked up on roving but haven't gotten to do any more felting yet, maybe in January... I have to admit I'm panicking a little bit - one weekend left before Christmas and I still have a lot I have to do and even more that I was hoping to do but realizing I probably won't get to it, again.

November 30, 2005

Easy Stocking Stuffer


I got plain white thumbtacks from Target (80 for .98ยข) then colored them with Sharpie markers. They dry very quickly and there was no smearing. I used the original cardboard but covered it with this very special ;) brown paper and then replaced the thumbtacks. There's room for a greeting at the top too if you want. Let me know if you try it :)

November 29, 2005

Embroidered Doll

I made this sweet doll from this book, Embroidered Treasures for Children. It was fun to do but it was not "the quickest and simplest ragdoll you may ever make" as the book says. Her hair is all done in split stitch and it took me forever to do but it was good practice anyway.


There's a whole lot of other cute projects too. I've started the pirate finger puppets but they've been put on the backburner for now. The photographs are gorgeous and the instructions pretty simple. The only discrepancy I've found is that they call for about half the amount of threads to use than what I found to be necessary. For example, the doll's hair called for using 4 strands when I found that six worked much better and the same with the pirates, so you might experiment with that if you get the book.


****I'll be adding some new pincushions to the shop later this week - new designs that I'm really excited about - so be sure to check back again****

November 28, 2005

Kitty Stuffies and Something About Me


I made these kitties using the panda pattern that Lyn at Mollychicken so generously posted. I made a few changes - ears, whiskers, eyes - and added a tail. On the ginger-colored one I added a white tummy too. They are only about 3 1/2" tall but I was thinking they'd be really cute enlarged and made into floor pillows for the kids (yeah, I'll get right on that). I don't venture into stuffies too often but these sure were fun and I'm already thinking of all the other cuties that I could make using this same basic pattern.


Here's a tail shot for the curious :)

On another note, today is my birthday. I'm 45. Wow, that's a mouthful :D It sounds so much older than I feel; mentally I'm in my early 30's. The beginning of November is also my blog birthday - 1 year. I started it last year as a kind of gift to myself and honestly, it's the gift that keeps on giving! I was hoping that I would stick with it so I'm really happy that I have, but I never expected to get the friendship and support for my crafting that I have and that has been the most wonderful part. Thank you to everyone who comes here and I so appreciate your comments even though I can't always get back to you. I was going to do a list of 45 things about me, but never got around to finishing it (well, I barely got started) so I'll do a 46 things about me next year. One thing you might not have known about me is that I have a twin sister so I'm wishing her a very happy birthday and we'll go out and celebrate later this week. She is the most amazing person - an incredibly devoted mother and wife, a loving daughter, and my best friend; I really would be lost without her.

My latest special treat is an eggnog steamer at Starbucks - go try one and have a wonderful day!

**I'll be back with Inspiration Monday in January**

October 27, 2005

Japanese Craft Book Library


I have finally put together my library of Japanese craft books. I made a set of them on Flickr and you can see them here. I included one page excerpt from each book and I also tried to pick a page that someone else with the same book hadn't already featured. You'll find the ISBNs in the description.

**Update** I've had several people ask where I get my Japanese craft books. Some were gifts from my sister and the others I ordered from YesAsia and Amazon Japan. Amazon Japan usually quotes about 4-6 weeks for delivery but I have always received them in about 2 weeks or less and I have found them to be faster than YesAsia, so they are my preference. Some tips for ordering from Amazon Japan: be familiar with the Amazon (U.S.) interface, view the page in English on Amazon Japan and also in a language translator like Alta Vista's Babelfish, and use a currency converter. Items in your cart are calculated in yen but the charge to your credit card is in American dollars. Hope this helps!

October 19, 2005

My Busy Work

embroidered twill tape

Lately, my busy work has been embroidering this twill tape. I've seen pictures of this type of thing on Japanese web sites and in my Japanese craft books but haven't had any success in locating some here in the U.S. so I thought I would make my own. Since I'm only using one color all I need is needle, thread, scissors, and the twill tape and I'm ready to go. I'm designing it on the fly so no great plans here just simple line drawings of thing I like: home, flowers, tea, kitties, sunshine, nature, etc. Just something to keep me busy while I wait for soccer, wait for karate, wait for horseback riding... :) I'm thinking I might use it for a trim on a new tote bag that I'm in need of but you could also back it with ribbon and use it for a strap of some sort.


October 12, 2005

Sock Kittens


Meet my four newest kittens: Angus (brown), Babbit (gray), Calamity (khaki), and Diego (blue)! They're from this Japanese craft book (ISBN 4893967835). They are my first foray into any kind of sock animal and it was a lot of fun trying something new :)

October 11, 2005

70's Stitchery Book


I've been meaning to post about this stitchery book for awhile. I originally got it from my library and had it in the car for my down-time reading. We had the puppy with us and she was left in the car for a minute or two by herself and, bored to death, decided to tear up and destroy anything that she could get her razor sharp little teeth on. Luckily she only got to the spine of the book but I felt like I should replace it so I found the same one on Amazon (in better condition) and explained it to the library. So, long story short, that's how I ended up with my permanent copy! I'm glad I did because it is a wonderful book with inspiring images from the 70s and lots of ideas on how to use the different embroidery stitches in a free form way.


The title is Stitchery: Free Expression by Ann Woelders (ISBN 0 422 29973 7; copyright 1973) It's out of print but there are a lot of used copies available at Amazon.

P1010024smallblue flower



I love the organic shapes of these trees and the one on the left shows a beautiful use of chain stitch. I'm putting more images into my Flickr account if your interested in seeing the rest and I linked to it under My Favorite Crafting Books on the left.

July 02, 2005

Happy 4th of July!


I've been collecting Fourth of July fabrics for the last few months because I wanted to make these pennant banners for decorations. I made a simple pattern if you'd like to try it yourself.


Here's a closer view of the fabrics I used. I think my favorite ended up being the red, white, and blue butterfly fabric. I'm going to make some more for my summer garden and I'll also be making some to put in the shop.


These are some river rocks that the kids and I painted last year. It's fun and easy and a great way to decorate. They're good for holding down tablecloths on a windy day too :)

June 22, 2005

Pretty Pins

pretty pins 1

Boy, I've been wanting to make some shrink plastic pins since I saw them at Wee Wonderfuls awhile back and I finally got motivated to do it since I want to include a few in some packages I have going out. The bigger ones aren't very practical for sewing but they look cute on a bulletin board ;)

pretty pins 2

Can you find the bee, the bug, and the dragonfly?

pretty pins 3

more posies

pretty pins butterflies

And, last but not least, a whole rainbow of butterflies. I had a lot of fun with these and was pleased that the detail came out so well. I don't think I'll have to make anymore pins for awhile now :)

April 26, 2005

Strawberry Basket Pincushion


This little pincushion was kind of made in stages and I didn't know what it would end up as when I was making each part. I wove the side awhile ago, just fooling around with different ideas then I set it aside. I made the big strawberry about a week ago, again just experimenting. It all came togther last night when I was deciding how I wanted to incorporate the strawberry into a pincushion.


I like seeing the different stages of growth and I've always thought the little baby strawberries were so cute. I've added this one to the shop too.

April 20, 2005

Bird Coin Purse and Fabric Buttons

bird coin purse

I was very taken with the bird handbag and matching coin purses in a Japanese craft book that Angry Chicken posted (scroll down to the April 13 entry), so while I am waiting for my book to arrive I attempted to make the coin purse on my own. I'd like to add some more details when I do it again but I think it came out pretty cute anyway.

bird coin purse inside
Here's a look at the inside.

baby fabric buttons

I've also been having fun making these little fabric buttons. I should have put something in the picture so you could see the scale because they are very small, only about 1/2" in diameter.

April 07, 2005

Pincushions and Tuffets

house and hen
Okay, here's some more pincushions, if you can stand it. I made another little chicken, this time a little red hen, and miniature country house. I'm tempted to make a whole little village :)

scribble tuffet

This little pin tuffet is just a scribble of embroidery. Lots of fun to do!

beach glass tuffet

I love the colors in this tuffet,
they remind me of beach glass.

Everything here is being added to the shop.
I've got so many good fabrics calling out to me that I am determined to get back to purse making but I'm having trouble leaving my pincushion making behind.

April 04, 2005

Chicken Little

chicken little

I'm trying something new...
this little chicken can still be used as pincushion
but she looks pretty cute just sitting around too :) I've added her to the shop - Bella Dia Designs - under the Photo Albums.

Something else I've put on my to do list
is to make one of these adorable little sock
dogs that Martha has at her site, Naive Knitting. She's made a great tutorial, go check it out!

April 03, 2005

Violets are blue

violets pincushion


African violets have always been a staple in my kitchen window so here is a pincushion of them! There's an opalescent bead nestled inside each flower. I'll be adding this one to the shop :)


Guess where I got these dishtowels? Nope, at Kmart! Can you believe it?! And they're not from the Martha Stewart line, just regular old Kmart. Someone's got it going on at Kmart headquarters!

April 01, 2005

Inspiration is All Around

I was inspired by this advertisement for Turning Leaf wine to make another pincushion ;)


turningleaf pincushion top

I did kind of a free form embroidery on the side which was so fun, kind of an embroidery meditation. I'm happy that this pincushion has already found a home with my sister :)

turningleaf pincushion side

March 30, 2005

Felt Pincushions

flower garden pincushion

blue flower pincushion

garden pc closeup

blue flower pc closeup

I love making these felt pincushions!
I made the flower garden one for myself and practiced my embroidery. The blue flower one I'm adding to the shop.

March 18, 2005

Felted Dog Collar

felted collar

I started fooling around with, in other words cutting up, a wool sweater that I got at the thrift and had felted. I made cat bed pallets out of the main front and back and a dog collar from the sleeve! I cut a slice from the sleeve and blanket stitched the edge to make a cute little collar, or neckwarmer, for our Westie. I think I'm going to put her name on it too. Doesn't she look cute? :)

felted dog collar

I'm a little embarrassed at the stitching,
it could be a lot better but I was in a bit of a hurry.

I'll be out of town for the next couple
of days and I'm hoping I'll get to do some thrifting which I don't get to do very often. I'll post any goodies I get when I come home. Have a great weekend everyone!

March 15, 2005

Uptown Handbag


I really love this new fabric I got. It has
such a vintagey feel to it and the colors and design make it work all year round. I've had the pattern for Amy Butler's Madison Bags for awhile now but kept putting off using it because I dread using her patterns. I find them way too tedious but from what I've read they are great for people that are brand new to sewing and learning to follow a pattern. I made the Uptown Handbag and the only change I made was to add a pocket on the inside - all of my bags have to have pockets!

Here's a detail pic
of the closure and pocket. The closure is two tabs with velcro that I like better than I thought I would.
I'm not a big fan of velcro on purses - I hate that scratchy sound ;)

March 14, 2005

Fuzzy Felted Bag

felted bag

I've felted some thrift store sweaters but this is the first time I've felted something that I've made. I crocheted this buttonhole bag from Lion Brand Landscapes yarn that says on the label that it felts when you put it in the washer and dryer so I thought I would try it out. You can see in this picture what the original size was in comparison to how much it shrunk. It's been through the wash twice and I suppose it might shrink down more but I'm pretty happy with how it is now so I won't send it through anymore.

I'll be adding a couple of crocheted buttonhole bags to my shop a little bit later. I love them because they are so cozy to carry around!

Joe and the cockatiels

I had to share this picture of my littlest, Joe, with our cockatiels, Sugar and Pepper, tickling him with their toes!

February 24, 2005

Purse Organizer

I made a purse organizer from
this tutorial over at Craftster. My dimensions are pretty much the same: the back is 4", the front is 3", but the length is 25". I used two lightweight cotton fabrics and some very heavyweight interfacing.

purse organizer with items to go in it

Here's all the stuff I have to go into the organizer. I sized the pockets according to what I carry: germ killer, cell phone, 2 lipsticks/gloss, iPod, pen & pencil, notepad, and Motrin.

purse organizer with items in pockets

And here's all of it tucked into the pockets.

purse organizer rolled up to go into purse

Roll it up and put it in the purse. I was really surprised that it fit into my little furry purse because it's a pretty small bag.

purse organizer in the purse

Here it is in my bag with my wallet in the center! This is going to be so great when I change purses, just grab the organizer and my wallet and pop it into my new purse.

denim and bright flowers purse organizer

This is another one I made. I love this bright cheery fabric.

February 20, 2005

Crochet Handbags & Felt Flowers


Well, now I've started crocheting
these little handbags. They're done in single and double crochet, I just made my own pattern, nothing fancy. They seem like a nice transitional bag from winter to early spring. This green one is done with Lion Brand Thick & Quick, which I love. It is soft and sturdy.


I especially like this little cream
colored tote. I used one strand of yarn so it's lighter in weight. The flower pin is removable and made from craft felt.


I used two strands, one blue and
one tan, together for this little bag so it has a bit more heft. This pin is also removable and made from blue and brown craft felt.

My hands, especially my left, have
been really sore from crocheting ;) I need to give them a break and do a little sewing but I haven't decided what to make yet.

I'd really like to sell my stuff
in some way so if anyone has any ideas,
tips, or advice please let me know.

February 03, 2005

Easily Pleased

As you have probably seen, I'm
a fabricaholic and had to indulge myself on a shopping trip yesterday. I don't feel too bad though because they are all from Wal-Mart and very inexpensive. It's always fun for me to see what treasures I can find there ;)






Aren't these cute?! They're needleholders!
I love little storage containers and find them hard to resist.

Now you know I must be pretty easy
to please because finding these cupcake liners made my day! I get so tired of those sickly yellow, pink, and teal ones from the grocery store so I'm always looking for fancier ones. It's amazing how little things can make you so happy!

And a little more crochet...a new flower
which looked so complicated in the book but wasn't very hard at all. I think I'm finally getting the knack for reading the patterns. I don't know about knitting patterns but the ones for crochet are like mental tongue twisters.


I thought I might do a blanket out of
these pineapple pattern squares and then attach a variety of flowers randomly across it. It'll take me forever though because I'm not too good at completing big projects.

January 14, 2005

Just another bag


Here's a Christmas present that I couldn't post before but now I can:) It's another Chelsea bag made from Amy Butler fabric. This is the tall version of the bag. It's lined with a dark olive-green velvety fabric and it's reversible.

January 08, 2005

A Little Purse


I couldn't post this before because it was for my best friend's daughter and I wanted it to be a surprise. It's a simple, petite little bag with a mother of pearl button and an inside pocket.


Here's a close-up of the pocket. I embroidered a little kitten on it that I copied from some clipart I had in my files. I love this fabric and want to make a bag for myself too :)


Tissue Holder Tutorial


I finally put the tutorial together for the travel tissues. You'll find it with the photo albums. It's the first tutorial I've done so let me know if you have any problems. I created a pattern for it also but you'll have to change the dimensions if you use anything besides Puffs to Go® tissues. I hope everyone has a good weekend!

January 04, 2005

Marble Magnet Latecomer

One of the last minute gifts I made for my mother was a set of marble magnets. I know I'm a latecomer to this project but I have to agree with how easy and rewarding they are to do.

I made a copy of this picture of my brother, sister and I with my mom and her mother, father, and brother's family.

I used the marbles to trace around the different people in the picture and then cut them out. I glued the picture to the back of the marble with Aleene's Tacky Glue, then glued a 1/2" magnet on with E6000. They're packaged in an Altoid's tin. You can find everything you need at Michael's. The marbles are in the floral section packaged in a little mesh bag, make sure you get the clear ones. Once home, I had to cull through them to find the ones that had the fewest flaws (like air bubbles) so I could get the clearest picture. If you don't want to do this then buy them in the scrapbooking section, you'll pay more but there won't be any wasted.

January 01, 2005

Happy 2005!

The years just get shorter and shorter. I remember when I was little and Christmas would be over and I'd be thinking "a whole year before it comes 'round again", it seemed like eons upon eons. Now, I blink and I'm getting out the tree again.

I don't have very many resolutions. I don't really like to make them because if I don't keep them then it's just one more thing to feel guilty about. Maybe I should make a resolution about not feeling unwarranted guilt... I guess that I'd like to feel that I keep moving forward. I got a divorce recently and my children and I's life has made a sharp right turn but we're on a good road now and it really just gets better and better.

I won't need to make a resolution about crafting. It seems you only have to make resolutions about things you *don't* like to do. Another craft I've been enjoying lately is embroidery. I've picked up several of Aunt Martha's iron-on transfers and embroidered dish towels and fabric that I'll turn into handbags later.

Embroidery works well for me when I want to sit in front of the fire and watch a movie - can't do that with a sewing machine - and there's no way I could just sit and watch a movie without doing something with my hands. My brain has been in multi-tasking mode for so long that I just can't turn it off like that.

bluebird P1010072 P1010068

For a more hip take on embroidery check out Sublime Stitching. If you need some help with stitches look here and here.

Happy New Year Everyone!

December 20, 2004

Paper Ornaments


I made these little ornaments using five 1 1/2" circles that I cut out of some scrapbookking paper. Fold them in half and glue the halves together until it forms a sphere. Before glueing the last circle, I put a loop of embroidery thread down the middle so you could hang it. I got the idea at Paper Source. I'm going to do some more but I'm going to cut them using my punches and decorative edged scissors. They are really cute ornaments but I think I will use them for package decorations also.


Felt Needle Book

I made this needle book following these instructions at Martha Stewart. It's the first time I've worked with wool felt and it is so much nicer than the regular craft kind.
This is a gift for someone but I'll make another one for myself after Christmas.


December 17, 2004

Stocking Stuffers


Things are getting kind of busy! I've been wrapping presents, making ornaments, and sewing some gifts and stocking stuffers. I think these little travel tissue holders are so cute and they're perfect for stockings. I've written a tutorial on them and will post that as soon as I can.


December 15, 2004

Stockings and Third Child Syndrome


I finally got my shopping done for all the kids, now I just have the adults to do. For my father, I'm thinking of a gift certificate to He can download books to his iPod and listen when he's traveling. My mom will get a set of Christmas napkins that have been designed and embroidered by the grandkids. They'll both also get a stocking full of little goodies.

Speaking of stockings (gotta love that segue), here's a picture of mine that was made by mother and aunt when I was just a wee one. (Yes, the "60" is the year I was born, so now you know how old I am :P )
This stocking embodied everything I ever felt about Christmas: sparkle and magic, made with love, and full of surprises! Of course, when I had my three kids I wanted to make them a stocking just like mine. I designed my daughters while my stocking was still packed away, but I remembered it as being covered with Christmas icons and beads and sequins, lots of sequins, so I designed hers accordingly. Well, you know how things always seem bigger and so much more in your childhood than they actually were? That's kind of what happened with the stocking. Even so, I'm happy with the way it came out.


My son didn't get his until he was about four years old. I stayed up very late Christmas Eve to finish it, so late I actually ran into Santa on his rounds. I was struggling a little bit to make his different from his sister's but there's only so many Christmas designs to work with. But again, I am pleased with the way it came out.


So now, you'd probably like to see a picture of my third born. Yeah, well, I have all the beads and sequins, I have the felt, but I just haven't gotten around to doing it these last six... years.

December 13, 2004

Not very Christmasy...

I have no idea why I am working on this bag and not doing what I should be doing, but here's the Amy Butler Chelsea bag made from the fabric I got the other day. The fabric worked beautifully for this bag. I think Amy Butler's patterns are unnecessarily complicated, well, not really complicated, just too many instructions for a fairly simple process. I'm going to make some notes to myself to make the process easier, and faster, next time.

Here's a picture of the exterior:


and here it is reversed:


December 11, 2004

Warm and Fuzzy Bag


You'd think with about two dozen purses that I would have a bag to go with every outift, but not so. I was really wanting a small bag that would go with basically everything and that would hold just my basics: wallet, cell phone, lip stick, Motrin, notepad, and pencil. I decided to go with this fuzzy fabric that I got awhile ago and I lined it with a brown ticking stripe. It's about 10" wide, 7" tall, and 3 1/2" deep with an inside zipper pocket. I scuffed up the nap with the iron and put wrinkles in the straps; now that I think of it, it kind of looks like a Shar-Pei puppy :) Anyway, my fuzzy little bag had it's first outing today and it worked beautifully. It feels so nice and cuddly to hold next to you when it's cold outside.

You bought more fabric?

I definitely don't need any more fabric, but as most addictions go, it's more of a *want* rather than a *need*. The only fabric store I have locally is a very expensive little boutique type fabric store and I just refuse to pay their inflated prices. The next closest town, seventy miles away, has Joann's and Hancock's so when we're there I always like to take a peek inside to satisfy my craving and see what's new and on sale.


I had seen this group several times at Joann's and finally broke down and got some. I love the colors and design. It's fairly heavy, like canvas, so it will be great for handbags. I also got this cheerful floral out of the same type of fabric. Right now, I'm imagining these made into a Chelsea bag from Amy Butler.


I also bought the fabric for the Christmas tablecloth I'm planning to make so the trip was somewhat productive but that will be another post.

December 10, 2004

Vicious Crafting Snowball


I cut out all these mini stockings pre-shoveling. I was inspired by this mini stocking garland at MSL online and used their template. After I started cutting, I thought that instead of just a garland that each one could have the name of one of our pets. We have sixteen pets, yes, you read that right, sixteen (2 dogs, 5 cats, 6 birds, 2 guinea pigs, 1 mouse). My only problem is that I'm not sure how to put their names on. I'm thinking of embroidering them but now I'm getting intimidated by the time that it would consume. That's pretty typical of a lot of my projects, they start out so simple then quickly snowball to something more time consuming, so time consuming that I don't do it because I don't have the time! Such a vicious cycle!

December 02, 2004

I'm already behind...

I got these fabrics to make Christmas pillowcases for my kids and my neice and nephews. I had *planned* on giving them to them on the first day of December but seeing that that day has already come and gone...maybe the first weekend in December? I love the fabric - it's flannel with retro Christmas designs. I'm planning on making a patchwork Christmas tablecloth out of some other fabric but I need a few more fabrics first.

November 30, 2004

I'll have a blue green Christmas


Gosh, I love these colors together. Christmas decorating is one of the hardest for me because I really don't like red and at Christmas time it's almost impossible to get away from it. I've gone more into decorating with pastels the last few years, so instead of red I use pink, but there's always some red lurking around a corner. Can you see the little hanging baskets? There's a template and instructions for these at Martha Stewart if you want to try and make one yourself.

November 29, 2004

Winter Paper Village


I just love little paper villages like this one. They don't seem too hard to make and it would be so much fun to add on to it year after year. You can purchase the kit for this village at Martha Stewart online but I'll probably try to come up with my own design.


While you are at Martha Stewart be sure to download the December clip art.

November 26, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving


We enjoyed a great meal at my sister's with all our traditional favorites and then sat back to enjoy the Thursday night lineup of Survivor, CSI, and Without A Trace. I made these little Pilgrim wee from a tutorial I got off of Wee Wonderfuls. The little lady came out fine but I call the gentleman "the hunchback of Plymouth Rock." Happy Thanksgiving to all!

November 02, 2004

My new favorite site

P1010003 is a great site if you want to see hip crafts from very creative people. I put up a picture of this bag and one other late this evening. I finally took pictures of everything I've made so far and I think they came out pretty good. Now I just need to figure out what to do with everything and how I'm going to store it all.