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Pincushion: Blue Scattered Flowers
Pincushion: Pink Scattered Flowers
Owl Baby: Sunset
Owl Baby: Sky
Owl Baby: Snow
Owl Baby: Plum
Pink Valentine Owl
Red Valentine Owl
Owl Stuffies
Textile Trees
Middle Earth Pincushions
Pincushion: Magnolia
Pincushion: Bed of Roses (cream)
Pincushion: Violets
Pincushion: Folkloric (red)
Pincushion: Folkloric (chocolate brown)
Decorated Thumbtacks
Pincushion: Folkloric (gold)
Folkloric Pincushions
Kitty Stuffies
Pincushion: Bubbles
Embroidered Doll
Back-Tack 2
Hand Embroidered Twill Tape
Sock Kitten: Babbit
Sock Kitten: Angus
Quilt Pincushion
Pincushion: Quilt Blue and Green
Pincushion: Quilt Dark Orange and Magenta
Pincushion: Quilt Pink and Red
Pin Tuffet: Red Flower
Pin Tuffet: Orange Sun
Pin Tuffet: Stacked Rounds
Pin Tuffet: Mustard Sun
Pin Tuffet: Golden Sun
Snowy on a Hill
Pincushion: Quilt Multi Blue
Textile Card: Japanese flowers
Textile Card: Beauty
Textile Card: Sanctuary
Fabric and Crochet Drawstring Bag
Pincushion: Bed of Roses (pinks)
Pintail Prototype
Pink Pincushion
Pincushion: Pond
Pincushion: Early Life
Pincushion: Middle Earth (2)
Pincushion: Middle Earth (1)
Pincushion: Rings (watermelon)
Pincushion: Rings (multi)
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